How To Grow Marijuana In An Indoor Area?

Marijuana is also known by other names, such as weed, pot, cannabis, ganja, bud, and others. Growing it indoor is not that difficult. It is a weed and weeds grow abundantly even in the toughest land and environmental conditions. At the same time, if you are planning to grow high-quality marijuana, you have to provide the right conditions. Use the right seeds and supplies and do the required things at the right times. The seeds, supplies, and products needed to grow marijuana indoor can be ordered easily from the online stores. Just make sure you know the local laws regarding marijuana growing in your area.

How to Grow Marijuana Indoors?
First of all, you need a place to grow the cannabis plants. It is better to use a grow enclosure so you can control the climate condition precisely. It ensures faster plant growth and quality harvest. You can buy a grow tent or box for this purpose. Start with a simple enclosure. You can select a complex enclosure with separate chambers for cloning and vegetative growth.

Seeds or Clones
To grow marijuana, you need its seeds or clones of its plants. You can order seeds online. Be careful when getting the seeds shipped to an address where growing marijuana is illegal. Be discreet even when you are growing marijuana in your home. It is important to buy the cannabis seeds from a reliable supplier. You do not want to waste time and resources trying to grow cannabis plants from poor quality seeds. The advantage of ordering your cannabis seeds online is that you can choose the strain and buy only all-female seeds.

Clones can be difficult to source. You can get it only from a grower who is already growing marijuana plants and ready to sell it. You will face difficulty in bringing several clones to your home discreetly. The biggest advantage of starting with the clones is that you will save several weeks that go into developing the seeds into seedlings. You will be using the clones obtained from the verified female plants so you do not have to worry about any clone developing into a male plant. It is difficult to know the sex of a marijuana seed until it has grown into a plant. There is no such issue with a clone.

Grow Medium
Choose the right to grow medium. If it is already mixed with the nutrients, avoid putting too many additional nutrients in it. You should first grow the seeds in a special seed grow container and then transfer the seedlings to the final grow medium.

Other Resources Needed to Grow the Cannabis Plants
You will need following additional resources to ensure good growth of these plants:
• Lots of light
• Fresh breezy air
• Right temperature
• Right humidity level
• Nutrients
• Water

Use Grow Light
A cannabis plant needs lots of light. In fact, it powers its growth mostly using the energy obtained from the light. Being a weed, it grows very fast in a short span of time when it gets right condition and receives right supplies. Provide sufficient lighting to power the fast growth of marijuana plants. You will get a good harvest of marijuana in 3-4 months if you select the right strain of seeds and provide perfect climate condition. You can use a fluorescent or CFL light bulb but such bulbs do not provide the high-intensity light needed to power the growth of cannabis plants. This type of lighting can be used only as a supplementary light when you are using the sunlight as the main light source. The supplementary light source can be used after the sunset. You need high intensity HID, HPS or MH bulb for this purpose. You can buy more specialized full spectrum LED grow lights if you are growing more than a few plants. It is a good idea to buy a switch timer to control the timing of your light system.

Stages of a Cannabis Plant
There are two main stages of a cannabis plant’s growth – vegetative and flowering. The seeds first develop into the seedlings which then develop into the plants. It is the vegetative stage when the leaves of the plant grow and develop fully. After attaining maturity, the plant goes through the flowering stage. You can harvest the buds when they are fully developed. Allow the seedlings to grow for at least 4-6 weeks before you induce flowering. During the vegetative stage, provide 16-20 hours of lighting. Remove the male plants as soon as you can identify them. There is no way to know which cannabis seed will develop into a male plant. The buds that you need develop only in the female cannabis plants. The male plants can damage the whole crop. The sex of a cannabis plant becomes clear when its vegetative stage is coming to an end and the flowering stage is beginning. Learn how to identify the sex of a cannabis plant.

The temperature inside the grow tent should be in the range of 70-86 F (21-30 C) during the vegetative stage. The daytime temperature can be around 75 F (23 C) while at night it can be about 70 F (21 C). Supply fresh air when the temperature increases and remove the moisture from the air if the temperature drops below the required level. The seedlings thrive in the temperature range of 68-77 F (20-25 C). You can increase the temperature to 82 F (28 C) when the plants grow a little older. This is the time when the rate of evaporation or respiration increases. The interior temperature of the grow tent also depends on other factors, such as the size of the room, the airflow, the type and number of lights, air extraction rate, moisture level inside the tent, and the type of room where you have placed the grow tent. You will need a thermometer to measure the temperature inside the grow room. Buy a thermometer that has a separate temperature sensor so you can keep the temperature display unit outside the grow room for quick and easier data reading. You have to install an air extractor fan inside the grow box to take out the hot air. It sucks in the fresh air from outside. This process lowers the temperature inside the grow box. You can place a carbon filter on the fan to prevent the marijuana smell going out.

The plant leaves release water vapor into the air. This can create a problem when you are growing marijuana plants inside an enclosure. The plants retain only 10 percent of the water they absorb. The remaining 90 percent water is released into the air. The problem is that the air can hold only up to a certain amount of water. Condensation occurs after the air can no longer hold the moisture. You will notice water droplets on the leaves and other surfaces in such a condition. You have to maintain the right humidity level inside the grow tent to ensure the optimum growth of your cannabis plants. You can prevent excess moisture in the grow box by keeping the indoor temperature above 66 F (18 C).

Proper drying and curing processes are necessary to ensure good quality marijuana harvest. Maintain the right levels of temperature and humidity to grow high-quality buds. It also prevents over-drying, root rotting, leaves yellowing and mold growth. You get the best weed that has the right smell, look, ingredients and potency. Marijuana plants will grow even under adverse conditions but then the optimum plant growth and bud quality cannot be ensured. You will get the best quality buds when you provide the right climate condition for the plant growth. You may need a CO2 generator or heater to increase the grow room temperature when the lights are off and the temperature drops below 60 F (15 C). You have assured a good harvest when you use an indoor marijuana growing setup.

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